Ishtar & Aphrodite* – Conference Rooms

Ishtar & Aphrodite*– Conference Rooms

For business meetings, corporate functions, conventions, private groups, and other occasions we provide a spacious state-of-the-art equippedmeeting space. The room can be equipped with needed audio – visual equipment, coffee breaks, catering, and other needed services. We also provide secretarial services, Wi Fi internet, and business services.

*Ishtar - Ishtar Terra is one of two main highland regions on the planet Venus. It is the smallest of the three "continents", and is located near the North Pole. It is named after the Akkadian goddess Ishtar.

The size of Ishtar Terra is roughly between the sizes of Australia and the continental United States. On its eastern edge lies the great mountain chain Maxwell Montes, which is 11 km high, compared to Mt. Everest at 8.8 km. On one side of the mountain chain is an impact crater of 100 km in diameter filled with lava.

Aphrodite - Aphrodite Terra is named after the goddess of love. It is about the same size as Africa, and much rougher than Ishtar Terra. The surface appears buckled and fractured which suggests large compressive forces. There are also numerous extensive lava flows. Channels cross this terrain and some have an interesting bow shape to them. Aphrodite Terra also has mountain ranges but they are only about half the size of the mountains on Ishtar.